Thursday, September 24, 2009

How To Embed Mp4 Videos On Blogger

In this easy tutorial, I will teach you how to embed mp4 videos to Blogger using Quicktime.

  • Log in to Blogger.
  • Press New Post.
  • Paste the following code:

  • Replace YOUR_VIDEO.mp4 with the URL of your video.

  • Change the attributes of the code to meet your desires:

    width - How wide;
    height - How tall;
    autoplay - Plays automatically when page loads (true or false);
    controller - Shows Quicktime movie controls (true or false);
    loop - Plays movie continuously (true or false).

  • Press Publish Post.


  1. That was really helpful! Thanks.

    One question: I would like my video to play at the width and height that you have specified in the sample code, but it is only showing a small portion of the video. (Right now you only see the speaker's nose.) How do I get the video to "shrink to fit" the specified window?

    1. Does your problem still exist? Or have you figured it out? If yes, then how? Kindly share the solution!

      James, see also mp4 converter to mov for mac